Essential Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

tips for a healthy pregnancyThis article on safe and healthy pregnancy will help one in improving their health together with the health of their babies before they are born. One of the most exciting and exhilarating things is discovering that you are pregnant. It always feels like quite a journey with the body changing shape, hormones kicking in, aches, pains and nauseas feelings. There are certain pregnancy fitness tips one can always make good use of to help them remain physically and emotionally fit right from the beginning. Below are some of the main tips for a healthy pregnancy that will ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

1. Always Be Active

It is a fact that conducting exercises during pregnancy is very important provided there are no complications with your pregnancy. When you walk at a good pace in the fresh air, you body will always be moving just like it happens when you are swimming. It is important that you always strengthen your core muscles, abdominals including the pelvic floor. This will help improve your body posture and do away with any backache. In case you have been working out before you got pregnant, it is advisable that you continue with your normal workout procedure but try avoiding getting out of breath. Ensure that you keep your pace to one where you can easily hold a conversation.

2. Always Sleep on Your Side

It is advisable that one sleeps on their side early into pregnancy health just after the first trimester.  When you lie on your back, you might be causing Vena Cava to compress. Vena Cava is the large vein that is responsible for carrying deoxygenated blood right from the body to the hearts right side. When you lie on your back during the 2nd trimester, the blood can easily flow to restricted areas which might result in nausea feeling or dizziness. In order to ensure that you are comfortable when you lie on your side, always place a pillow behind you to help support your back.

3. Never Eat for Two

There are people who will always offer you prenatal care guidelines such as telling you to eat for two. This is never a good idea. In case you are at a normal weight for your height before your pregnancy, you will only need 300 extra calories a day in order to be healthy and ensure your baby grows well. This is equal to two tablespoons of nut butter or an apple or an egg. It is advisable that one does not gain weight in pregnancy. A weight gain of approximately 25-30 pounds is regarded as a healthy gain for any pregnant lady while pregnant women who are underweight should look at gaining 28-40 pounds.

4. Ensure that you take a prenatal Supplement

Folic acid is very when it comes to the importance of prenatal care. It is readily available in wheat germ. It is advisable that any pregnant woman takes 1mg of calcium folinate in a day. You can also go for the Zita West range which is also known to be among the best since it offers specific nutrients to each trimester. When you use the Zita West DHA supplement, it means you will be in a position to get the important omega 3 fats right from the source that is safe on each pregnancy. DHA is considered to be very important for any healthy brain and development of retina in fetus.

5. Always beware of your cat

In case you have a cat or if your neighbor owns a cat or someone that you see on a regular basis owns one, you need to be very careful of the cat litter box.  Cats are capable of spreading toxoplasmosis. This is an infection that is caused by a parasite during the early pregnancy stages. There are high risks that the infection can pass to your unborn child and cause destruction to its normal development and also increases risks of having a miscarriage. This infection can also be got from a contaminated food hence, always ensure that you properly wash your foods especially vegetables, fruits and that they are cooked properly. You can decide to delegate litter box changing to another person or opt to wear gloves and wash your hands clean after handling the litter box.

6. Morning sickness and how you can overcome it

The smell of food can make you heave while eating can be very tricky especially when you are feeling unwell. It is advisable that you try taking dry crackers in the morning. There are women who can benefit from eating crackers before they get out of bed in the morning. This can be because it helps in absorbing the stomach acid. In case liquids are vomited, sucking of the ice cubes that are made from fruit juice or water can also help in keeping one hydrated. Taking ginger grated into hot water together with some little honey will help in soothing ginger snaps or ginger ale. Working out will also help improve blood circulation and although there are times when you might not feel like working out, the benefits do outweigh the feeling on not being interested. This will help ease nausea.

7. Increasing the energy levels

It is important that you always avoid empty stomach during the day by taking several smaller meals instead of going for few larger ones. Taking some protein at every meal and snack will help you avoid cravings for coffee and sugar to ensure you keep going.

8. Pregnancy Super Foods

Seeds, nuts and avocados are known to contain fatty acids which are an important source. They are also known to be safe during pregnancy. Salmon steaks are also known to be ideal and are safe fish to eat. In case you are interested in helping improve your kid’s brain. These foods are known to contain essential fats like the omega 3s which are essential for the brain development of your baby and also for skin and hair growth.

9. Relax and take some massage

Due to the extra weight and burden on body muscles, there are certain postural muscles which can become tight leading to muscular imbalances and contracted muscles. It is important that you always help in relaxing them using a pregnancy specific massage.


It is advisable that any pregnant woman takes their time to practice deep breathing. This can be achieved by having them to place their hands on their rib cage and breath out letting their lungs fill with air.  The above safe and early pregnancy tips are important for any pregnant woman who would want to have a healthy child.

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