Home Design Ideas for All Year Round

Home Design Ideas for All Year Round

Ideas for Winter

Now that we are in winter we will help you decorate your house to make it more cozy and comfortable at the same time keep it modern in these cold months.

  1.  Warm colors which will take you to a more cozy and comfortable environment with which to combat the cold outside. Colors like brown, beige or white are perfect to decorate your house in this season. Of course, remember that light colors are the best option always, since they let in the sun rays that warms your house and illuminates it.
  2.  Decorate with colors related to winter such as blue or gray, but the idea is to combine them with stronger and brighter colors and achieve a contrast as well as a striking decoration in the winter.
  3.  Use strong colors, for this season tones like cherry, apple green and brick will help you give that lively touch to your walls.
  4.  Use wooden furniture and rustic furniture typical feeling of mountain homes and that give the feeling of warmth we need in winter.
  5.  It is time to remove the summer carpets and replace those with heavy fabrics that, in addition to providing the winter touch, will help keep the warmth of your home.
  6.  Use thick and heavy curtains that give comfort and retain heat combined with light curtains that let natural light through.
  7.  Decorate with textile elements with winter motifs such as cushions on sofas and beds, blankets in the living room, covers for chairs and sofas, etc.
  8.  Placing plants and flowers typical of the winter season such as camellias, tulips and small pines.
  9.  If you have a fireplace or a nice stove at home, decorate it to give prominence, you can emphasize it with decorations, candles, etc.
  10. Hang pictures of landscapes and winter themes. You can also put pictures of the family in winter and Christmas environments.

Ideas for Summer

The decoration of a house must be versatile and dynamic to avoid becoming bored. In this season, it is a tribute to summer with its fresh and luminous connotations.

Summer is a season that comes by itself full of infinite connotations of freshness, color and light. It is not about making big changes, but looking for certain decorative winks.

White is the king
We know that this color is synonymous with 100% summer sensations. It is a matter of betting on white in all spaces with those easy-to-apply complements, such as textiles, whether in sheets, curtains, cushions and carpets.

Color explosion
At the other extreme we find the colors, always striking, cheerful. A great idea may be to fill one of your walls with pictures of different images and drawings that represent this chromatic explosion; and when winter comes you will replace them with other snapshots.

Flowers always fresh
No matter how small the bouquet is, look for your desired personal corners. It is an indispensable summer decorative accessory. In addition, you can make the color combine with some elements from your room.

Infallible combination
Flowers, colors, outdoors… Which one meets all these guidelines? Without a doubt, the summer table. Choose a set of varied pieces of different colors and complement it with contrasting textiles, all in a chromatic scenery that draws special attention.

Summer prints
Summer is not always synonymous with views of the sea or the pool, but with a beautiful garden, the city can also become an oasis. Whether terrace or balcony, contact with plants should not be lacking, and its maintenance, furthermore, this one can become a relaxing task.

Illuminate the exteriors
When the night falls in the garden, either the terrace or the porch, the idea is to illuminate it in a tenuous way to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Lanterns, candles and garlands are the best options.

Natural materials
In summer decoration what never fails is the pieces of natural materials, such as fibers and bamboos. And in that same line but in the matter of textiles, we talk about linens and cottons. They bring freshness and lightness to the environment.

Decoration with sea flavor
The sea, no doubt, is the main source of inspiration when we talk about summer decoration. Therefore, this never fails any detail that alludes to a sailor style at home: starfish, shells, corals and underwater organisms.

Search the shadow
Especially in the central hours of the day in summer, there are many options to take cover in outdoor spaces, but a roof of hurdle brings this touch of simplicity, natural texture. Creating a game of light and shadow is a great idea to enjoy the thrills of summer.

Ideas for Autumn

It’s time to look for the right elements to redecorate your home and give it a warm and autumnal spot. Here are some ideas that you can introduce in your home for an autumn decoration with a lot of charm; seasons of earth tones, orange and beige.

  1. It’s pumpkin time

It is as simple as turning them into original vases or adding some branches and leaves and you will have an autumnal centerpiece of the most chic and low cost.

You can also paint them in the color that matches with your table. And if you are handyman you can add a drawing or pattern, for example with a design of moles or stripes, or even some message.

  1. Enter leaves in your decoration

The beautiful dry leaves and the golden tones decorating are all around the streets. At this romantic time of year, permit yourself be spellbound by the romance of decorating with dry leaves. All you have to do is to go outdoors and collect some.

As simple as putting some leaves in a vase. Or use them to decorate a painting and turn them into small works of art. Another lovely idea is garlands or leaflets. They can be the perfect element to decorate the entrance of your home.

  1. Bet on autumnal colors

A tone between orange and brown that reminds us of the color of the maple leaves that flood the streets, this combination of colors, full of strength and warmth.

Another very autumnal tone is the Butterum, a toasted tone that will bring warmth to the cold nights that lie ahead. The brown tones always help us create a warm, welcoming and homely atmosphere, very much in tune with the new season.

  1. Gold and copper

Both copper and gold finish has been around for some time now and it seems they are here to stay. There are many ways to introduce them in your house. From small details made by yourselves, such as wreath of copper leaves, to the accessories, to some decorative details such as vases, candles, candle holders and paintings.

  1. Textiles and household linen

Let textiles and home clothes become the protagonist. Flowers are one of the trends in bedding but also paisley, stripes with tie-dye effect or worn and prints inspired by Japanese kimonos.

The thick-knit and crochet blankets are also in full swing, ideal for the coming winter to become more pleasant for us.

  1. Pineapples

Another element of autumn decoration that cannot be missing in our home is pineapples. You can use them in multiple of ways. Decorate the table centers, without having to do anything to them, a very natural note.

You can also choose to paint them and decorate with them a glass jar, where they will look with new grace.

  1. Autumnal crowns

They do not have to be used only at Christmas, the crowns is a nice way to decorate your home and now is the ideal time to introduce them and give an autumnal point to a door or wall. Pineapples are also a good option for your crown.

Ideas for Spring

Upon welcoming this season it’s time to forget the dark tones and turn our eyes towards the colors. It is time to include flowers in our decoration, because nothing symbolizes spring better than the return of color.

  1. Decorate spring with a mural of flowers

You will be deeply in love to a flower mural. It is colorful, beautiful and will fill the corner of lovely aura where you decide to place it. And it can also be great in any space of your home, whether in the living room, in the dining room or in a bedroom.

  1. Bird Houses

For some time now they have become fashionable. Either made of wood or cardboard, there are multiple options and ideas to create them by yourself. You can also make them with recycled elements such as tetrabrick.

  1. A wall full of flowers

Another idea is to create a wall full of flowers as colorful and spectacular as you can imagine. You can fill the whole wall with them, joining them one by one and creating an effect. It is a great idea for an event or party that you may have these coming days or use it on a terrace or patio that you want to turn into something very special. The touch of Bohemian and Chic will make the spring even more accentuated.

  1. The tropical touch: pineapple candles

This one conquers us by its color and the idea of pineapple candle adds more fun which feels like we want to have it at home already. They will cause a sensation!

  1. Decorate spring with a floral crown

More traditional and classic with a wheel base or modern using an embroidery ring or you can also use metal hangers or branches … There are many possibilities but whatever it may be, they will add color and fill your door and walls with spring or wherever you decide to place them.

  1. Colored egg cups

The first is to use them as vases to brighten our home. You just have to put weight inside them so they can stand up … easy!

In the second idea, these same eggshells become small porta cactus. The result is spectacular and the good thing is eggshells are easily found and you can do the coloring by yourself.

  1. Recycled colored boats

You can use cans, shape and paint them to store the pencils or pens,  for your kitchen utensils, or decor for the bathroom

But you can also use them for your plants as if they were vases or pots. Be that as it may, they will bring color and life to your home.

  1. Test tubes with flowers or plants

You can for example create a hanging element with them to show off your flowers. Or you can put them on a small wooden trunk to get a composition as pretty as spring.

Another idea is to hang them, either directly from ropes or wall hangers. Be that as it may, you will be able to add a little color and green to decorate your home in the spring.

  1. Create your own cactus

Plants are lovable … and if they do not require maintenance, even more convenient. So these cacti are ideal and very easy to do so you will have no excuse for not having them in your house. Give your home a green touch to cool the atmosphere.

  1. Spring decoration with paper flowers

Colorful, fun and durable, the paper flowers will decorate your home and surprise everyone with the joy they can bring.

And if you like flowers but don’t want to change them continuously, this is a great solution. You also don’t have to water them or make them any kind of maintenance.  

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