12 Essential Kitchen Tools You Need to Make Healthy Meals

Essential kitchen toolsThere are high chances that you might be having excellent nutritional knowledge and be in a position to make great positive changes to your feeding habits. However, without having enough kitchen skills, you will in most cases be frustrated and bored. In case you are not in a position to translate nutritional information into a meal three times a day, seven times a week or 52 weeks a year, there is no point! You don’t have to like cooking or be a master chef but you will have to be in a position to create enjoyable and tasty food by essential kitchen tools.

In most cases, you will easily default back to convenient and tasty foods when you get tired of the boiled broccoli and plain chicken.  Consumption of whole, fresh foods which require some preparation and cooking is the cornerstone of healthy eating. It is possible foe one too much on a raw sugar snap peas, nibble, dip celery or carrot in hummus but it is never possible to eat all the vegetables and fruits this way. Certain foods such as legumes, fresh meats, whole grains, fish and dairy products will also require some degree of skill in the kitchen that will ensure you are getting the right diet that is good for your body.  It is a fact that any chef is as good as his tools and to help you in your eating journey, it is advisable that you put this essential kitchen tools in mind. The kitchen tools names are not just important but anything that helps in giving you a healthy food preparation and is easier to use is always a great thing. Below are some of the best kitchen gadgets that you will have to use in your quest to helping you make healthy meals.

1. Sharp Knives

Chopping vegetables and fruits using a blunt knife is one of my pet hates. This totally drives me crazy! Using a set of knives or sharp knives is essential since it makes it easier for you to slice, chop, dice and prepare all your fresh food. It is advisable that you consider investing in a good set of knives and sharpen them frequently.

2. Non Stick Pan

A non stick pan is considered to be an excellent addition to any health conscious kitchen. You will only have to add some oil when cooking and the pans are easy to wash up when through with the cooking. However, there is no particular brand that I can recommend. For example, I am currently using a cheap pan which I bought from a supermarket.

3. Chopping Boards

It is recommended that vegetables and meat are not prepared on the same place especially if the vegetables will be served raw. Having a separate vegetable board and meat board is one way you can use to avoid cross contamination and help ward off any chance of food poisoning.

4. Food Blender or Processor

There are people who love preparing their meals from scratch rather than purchasing a packet or jar. This is because it helps them in saving money and they can also be in a position to control the amount of salt and other additives in their food. A food processor is very important since it helps one make marinades, crushed nuts, pestos, mayonnaise, pure vegetables and fruits. You can also you the blender to help you make soup and other smoothies.

5. Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are known to be very important when it comes to weight loss and when one to ensure that they are eating the right size of food. It is not a must that you always weigh everything you take but weighing food when you are just about to get started and doing it often will help bring food awareness that will ensure you are always on the right track. In case your portions are either too small or too big, you will always struggle with weight loss. For instance, I myself weigh portions of trail mix, raw rice, fish, meat, pasta and chicken.

6. Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are not just meant for baking but they are an easier and more reliable tool you can use to help you in monitoring your portion sizes for weight loss. Always keep on cup in your cereal box to help you in measuring the right amount. Always serve your meals by using these cups to help you know the right amount that you will be placing on each plate.

7. Zester

Most people are known to love zester. Using it is much easier and one can always add a fresh lemon flavor, lime zest or orange to the pestos, pastas, couscous, rubs, marinades and different types of dishes without any fuss. Zester is also great for grating parmesan and ginger finely. Zester is a great addition to any healthy kitchen since one can always add flavor of their interest to their food without adding calories.

8. Salad Spinner

It is always a great idea to wash your vegetables and fruits especially the salad vegetables that you are planning to eat while raw. A Salad spinner refers to an excellent spinning machine that lettuce dry when you are through with a rinse and helps stop you from serving a soggy or water logged salad. In case you are interested in enjoying a fresh vegetable, you will need to be prepared in a way that will make them appealing and crisp and not soggy and dirty.

9. Steamer

A standout amongst other approaches to eat vegetables is to steam them. Kindly don’t bubble them to inside an inch of their life. That won’t make them agreeable to eat. What makes them pleasant to eat is having them delicately steamed and quickly hurled in sautéed garlic and olive oil and completed off with some cleaved crisp herbs, for example, parsley or basil.

10. Reusable Containers

Adhering to a good diet in some cases requires a generous measure of arrangement contrasted with prepared nourishments. It additionally requires dinner arranging and association to guarantee that sound suppers are accessible when you require them while you’re in a hurry with a bustling way of life. Outstanding amongst other approaches to eat well amid a bustling week is to invest some energy, throughout the end of the week, cooking and preparing and keeping your cooler and cooler supplied with sound, re-heat able or pre-arranged dinners.

Set out five reusable compartments and into every one include one measure of cooked whole meal pasta. At that point add to every compartment: depleted canned corn bits, diced capsicum, and child spinach, cut red onion and whatever other vegetables that takes your favor. Cover with their tops and keep in the ice chest. On your approach to work every morning snatch a holder of your pasta plate of mixed greens and a tin of enhanced fish and lunch is finished! Solid, tasty and simple! In case you’re feeling extravagant include a squirt of aioli. I know I would!

I utilize compartments to store remains, solidify clumps of soups and stews. I let my persuaded self deal with my lethargic self. Trust it or not, there are evenings when I don’t have a craving for cooking and this makes life that tad less demanding.

11. Wok

I adore my wok. A couple of years back my better half got me a conventional kind wok that you don’t really wash with cleanser. You simply give it a wash with water and wipe to clean it. Sooner or later it turns out to be wonderfully prepared. I can throw together some snappy delectable suppers in this dazzling wok, with fresh delicious vegetables and delicate meat. In the event that you’ve made a supper design and ensured you have crisp vegetables accessible, blend singing is an extremely brisk method for getting sound sustenance on the table.

12. Coffee Machine

This isn’t basic in any way; however I needed to incorporate it since I LOVE espresso. I have an astonishing coffee machine from my better half and the blessing continues giving, each morning around breakfast time. It’s a piece of what makes life so pleasant and I surmise that a tad bit of what you cherish is vital in striking sounds adjust throughout everyday life.


It is important for any homeowner who wants to live a healthy life and have a healthy family you have the kitchen tools list in their kitchens. These essential kitchen tools can easily be found in supermarkets and utensils stores at affordable prices.

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