Best Overnight Diapers – (For Babies, Toddlers, Heavy Wetters & Adults)

best overnight diapers reviews for babies toddlers heavy wetters adultsAs a parent, you will always strive in bringing happiness to your kid. One of the best things any mom can do to their little angles is ensuring that they keep their nights good. Having a restful sleep will play an important role in any baby’s natural development.  It explains why it is important to know how to choose the best overnight diapers. Any good overnight diaper should be capable of keeping your baby comfortable and dry even during the night. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best overnight diapers reviews.

The best nighttime diaper doesn’t rest long at a stretch, even during the evening. Rather they wake like clockwork for a sustaining, at which time steady guardians change their diapers. There are several types of overnight diapers currently available in the market.

Best Overnight Diapers Reviews - (For Babies, Toddlers, Heavy Wetters & Adults)

Best Overnight Diapers for Babies

1. HUGGIES Little Snugglers Baby Diapers

The Huggies little snugglers baby diapers are considered to be among the top baby diapers currently available in the market. These diapers are hyper allergenic and unscented. They are specifically meant for the newborns and can also be used by the older kids.

This diaper’s cushion layer makes it more absorbent and soft. Its waistband offers wet indicator and leak protection that allows the baby to always be dry and comfortable. Huggies little snugglers baby diapers are more convenient and easier to use. The best nighttime diaper are made of soft, breathable and comfortable stretchy materials that ensures your baby will enjoy his or her time when under the diapers.


  • Soft breathable material
  • Umbilical line cut out
  • Cushion layer for more insurance


  • Comes in plain Packaging
  • Slightly higher value on account of the higher quality

2. Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers are popularly known as free and clear diapers. They are suitable to be used on babies who have extra sensitive skin or those that are prone to either diaper rush or irritation. This baby diaper is known to be hypoallergenic meaning they are fragrance and lotion free and its core is free from the chlorine bleach.

This best nighttime diaper is also known to be eco friendly and goof for environment compared to other disposable baby diapers which are made from harsh chemicals. Inks used in creating the diaper prints are free from lead and heavy metals.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra permeable
  • No unforgiving synthetic concoctions


  • may need to go down a size
  • lacking in plans

3. Honest Overnight Baby Diapers

Just as its name suggest, the Honest Overnight Baby Diapers will offer pure comfort to your baby. These diapers do provide up to 20% more comfort, absorption and performance. The company behind Honest Overnight Baby Diapers ensures that all its diapers are environmental friendly by making them using sustainable fabrics and plant derived. Whenever your baby falls asleep, you can also have your time without any disruption. These diapers are considered to be among the most comfortable and have the best design. They are made without latex, chlorine processing or synthetic fragrances. Its ultra thin design is fitted with dry touch and is super soft offering premium comfort.


  • Made of 1005 natural fabrics
  • Have higher aspect feel
  • Available in cute and trendy prints


  • They lack stretchy tabs

4. Mom Koala One Size Baby Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers

Mama Koala One Size Baby Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers are available in a pack of 6 with 6 long inserts. This best nighttime diaper is mean for babies ranging from 8-35 lbs. The inserts are made of three highly absorbent microfiber layers.

Its cover is breathable and its inner suede cloth is capable of locking the moisture from the skin of the baby. This diaper also has TPU laminate coat that helps in preventing leakages. This diaper consists of replaceable elastic leg openings that offers comfort and close fitting. Its 3 by 3 snap system rise enables one to change the size of the diaper to some extent as the baby grows.


  • Soft downy for additional solace
  • Ample embed opening
  • Excellent client benefit


  • The plastics don't keep going long
  • Leaks frequently happen if utilizing one embed

5. Pampers Cruisers Disposable Diapers

The Pampers Cruisers diapers offer a portion of the best solace highlights including an extremely stretchy belt that guarantees it is dependably a solid match. They considered as the best nighttime diaper available. The Pampers Cruisers diapers offer a three-way fit so it generally fits the hips and additionally the legs.

They offer additional permeable channels that offer additional whole assurance. They don’t list not at all like different diapers and can keep going for up to 12 long periods of assurance. They are incredible for overnight or long days.

This makes this best nighttime diaper more agreeable to wear and takes into consideration less shot of diaper rash or hypersensitivity. They are one of the best picks and offer a wide range of sizes.


  • Very delicate material
  • Three-route fit for the best fit
  • Extra-retentive


  • They tend to run somewhat bigger than ordinary sizes
  • Does not have a wetness pointer

Best Overnight Diapers for Toddlers

1. Bambo Nature Baby Diapers Classic

Just as the name suggests, the Bamboo Nature diapers are made using eco friendly materials making them less harsh to the environment compared to other typical diaper options or the cloth diapers which have to be cleaned inside a hot water more often. At first, selecting the correct diaper can appear to be a simple process to most parents. However, after going through trial and error process during the initial months, it becomes much easier to note the value. Its eco friendly feature enables it to perform well in instances of leakage and absorption making it stands out from the rest of the crowd.

They are super agreeable and awesome for all ages. They’re produced using bamboo which is a recyclable eco-accommodating material. This makes the diaper incredible for the child as well as for nature also.

They are accessible in a vast assortment of sizes yet these are made particularly for premium children. These are extraordinary alternative for babies who have additional touchy skin and need additional care.


  • Very delicate and agreeable to wear
  • Great for nature
  • Great for day or night


  • Size tends to run somewhat enormous
  • Does not offer a huge amount of outline

2. Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers

The Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers Size 4 refers to a deceiving disposable diaper. This diaper is so thin that no one can imagine that it is capable of being leak proof although they are!  In most cases, the only time we come across leaks is when the baby is moving up a size. In case you are not interested in leaks, then the Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers Size 4 is the best diaper choice for you.

Its back is elastic and sturdy thereby capable of helping prevent blowouts in any kids who are prone to having them. The process of changing your baby’s diaper can be a difficult task since there are times where they move and kick around. However, these are never the case with these diapers. These diapers are known to have large and wide fastening areas and stretchy sides which can easily be refasten to help change the diapers within the shortest time possible.

In case you are looking for an alternative to pampers, then the Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers Size 4 is the best choice for you.


  • Very delicate and agreeable to wear
  • Great for nature
  • Great for day or night


  • Size tends to run somewhat enormous
  • Does not offer a huge amount of outline

3. Mama Bear Diapers

The Mama Bear Diapers Size 3 has been specifically designed to bring together safety, comfort and leakage protection. In case you are a parent who is on a tight budget but is not interested in compromising the quality, then the Mama Bear Diapers Size 3 is considered to be one of the best choices since it is comparable to some of the popular diapers brands.

This best overnight diapers for babies is made from soft materials which are free from fragrances, latex and chlorine. Its breathable exterior also has quilted liners that will ensure the poop and pee will not come in touch with the kids’ skin. These diapers also have flexible, snug and soft leg cuffs that help in locking in wetness and enabling babies to crawl or walk comfortably.


  • Has wetness indicator
  • It is gentle on the skin
  • It is secure fit
  • It is affordable


  • Very thick

4. GoodNites Bedtime Bedwetting Underwear

GoodNites bedtime bedwetting underwear for boys and girls is another best overnight diapers for babies that you ought to consider for your children. GoodNites plans to assist you with your baby’s bedwetting which occurs in one out of six children. This is typical and considered a piece of one’s advancement especially from ages four to 12 years.

One can likewise get a solid match utilizing the diaper since it has stretchy sides to make alterations as indicated by your baby’s size. This diaper is incredibly composed of five layers of texture to keep your baby dry throughout the night. It comes in two adaptations, one for young men and one for young ladies. The sleep time diapers are additionally 20 percent more missing as asserted by the maker.


  • Soft to the touch
  • Perfect fit
  • Not recognizable under jeans
  • Designed with protestant shield
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to slip on


  • Expensive
  • There have been Some reports of spilling

5. HUGGIES Snug and Dry Diapers

The Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers are another super well-known brand of overnight diapers. These best overnight diapers for toddlers  has are thin and not as delicate as some different assortments, and a few customers report that they hang more than different brands when full. They are unscented, which for a few children implies less possibility of diaper rash or other skin sensitivities.

These best overnight diapers for toddlers  has four layer assurances to anticipate spills and additionally fast retaining layers to wick away dampness from that touchy skin. Huggies offers a prizes program where you can acquire focuses each time you buy a Huggies item, including diapers and wipes, so remember that while ascertaining which mark has the best esteem. There are customers who have reported Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers are not extraordinary for overnight, as they tend to spill.


  • Goes from the baby as far as possible up to estimate 6.
  • Quick-engrossing layers wick away dampness from baby's skin.
  • Huggies has a prizes program you can join to win focuses each time you buy a Huggies item.
  • Four layer insurance to counteract spills.


  • Not eco friendly
  • Some shoppers report overnight spilling
  • Not as delicate as different brands

Best Overnight Diapers for Heavy Wetters

1. Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers are considered to be among the best overnight diapers for heavy wetters currently available in the market.  These best overnight diapers for heavy wetters are delicate and agreeable for most baby’s, and they have absorb away liner that pulls wetness far from child’s touchy skin.

These were the diapers that we were given for our firstborn to use in the doctor’s facility, and we cherished them so much that we kept on getting them once we were home! They are the main selection of doctor’s facilities in the United States together with several medical facilities hand these diapers out to new mothers and fathers, so there’s a decent possibility they will be the primary diaper to contact your child’s base. We particularly adored them for the wetness marker: a little yellow stripe that turns blue when the diaper is wet.


  • Up to 12 hours assurance with additional Absorb Channels
  • Has a wetness pointer reveals to you when a child may require another diaper
  • It is the number one option for any US medical facility
  • Absorb-Away Liner pulls wetness and chaos far from child's skin


  • Not eco- friendly
  • There are parents of young kids and baby’s who have reported lots of holes
  • Not suitable for babies with delicate skin

2. HUGGIES OverNites Diapers

The HUGGIES OverNites Diapers are considered to be a smash hit evening time diaper for babies today. As indicated by Huggies, these diapers are intended to help babies have better rest. That is the objective of the brand to enable your baby to build up his or her sensory system viable. As we as a whole know a decent evenings rest is the best thing for your tyke’s advancement. These diapers will basically ensure a continuous rest for your baby.

This overnight diaper is outlined with flawless Disney craftsmanship. There are sluggish Mickey Mouse outlines are found on the material to coordinate the fun-loving side of your baby.  These diapers are available in different sizes. Contrasted with different diapers offered by Huggies, OverNites are 25 percent more spongy. With each thrash around of your youngster, its Double Grip Strips will guarantee that the diaper is kept set up.


  • Does not make poor scents
  • Fun and proper outline for your baby
  • Capable of holding more pee
  • No affectability issues
  • Allows your child to rest more


  • Reports of diapers part open

3. ALVABABY Cloth Diapers

The ALVABABY Cloth Diapers is produced using 100 percent microfiber terry fabric material. You can decide to try working with ALVABABY Cloth Diapers when searching for an adaptable material diaper that will fit for some time. The type of fabric used here has lines of snaps that will change the diaper to fit from birth through potty preparing. This diaper’s external cloth is breathable and waterproof. Its internal segment composes of calfskin material that wicks away dampness from your child’s skin.


  • It comes in bunches of external plans.
  • It is possible to machine wash and dry this fabric diaper.
  • It is produced using 100 percent microfiber terry fabric material.
  • The material diaper has columns of snaps that will modify the diaper to fit from birth through potty preparing.
  • The external piece of this diaper is waterproof and is a breathable PUL.
  • The inward area of this fabric diaper is calfskin material that wicks away dampness from your child's skin.
  • They embed this fabric diaper is a microfiber that is three layers that is exceptionally spongy.


  • This diaper might not fit kids who measure in excess of 33 pounds.
  • They are bad for overnight wearing as they spill if your child wears them in excess
  • The material diapers can be massive and make wearing some garments hard.

4. Sposie Booster Pads Diaper

Sposie Diaper Booster Pads are an incredible alternative available. Just as the name suggests, this is a decent arrangement in the event that you need to bend over your endeavors in anticipating spills. The best nighttime diaper has the capacity to wick away dampness from your baby’s skin. It will guarantee your baby is feeling good and dry since it can hold as much as eight ounces of fluid.

In case you have a kid or a young lady, the cushions are intended for numerous positions. When you are finished utilizing it, you simply evacuate it and discard it with the messy diaper. The diapers promoter cushions are additionally a decent choice in case you are in a hurry. In case that your baby’s skin is touchy this is likewise a top notch quality cushion that will shield your tyke from creating rashes.


  • Works for all sizes
  • Fits superbly
  • Stays dry throughout the night
  • Long yet less cumbersome
  • Holds substantial measure of fluid


  • Does not grow
  • Does not stick set up

Best Overnight Diapers for Adults

1. Tranquility Premium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

These diapers by tranquility are considered to be a standout amongst the most famous overnight diapers for grown-ups. Otherwise called pull up diapers, these are composed uncommonly to cover the greatest level of incontinence.

With the tranquility premium overnight disposable absorbent underwear diapers you can rest gently without stressing over anything. These diapers are reasonable for use amid flights to give security and guaranteeing that you make a trip without worrying about anything.

This diaper is sans latex and dissimilar to others won’t harm the skin as its peach tangle ensures that is neither any harm nor smell nor it is available in six unique sizes and accompanies breathable sides nor a midriff board to ensure it fits flawlessly

Clients who have bought these diapers have thought that it was extremely viable in meeting the necessities. A client shared that these diapers fell off better in the wake of utilizing different brands and were more successful in conveying comes about. Others have appraised the item as an extraordinary thing for the incapacitated. They have recorded how much the personal satisfaction enhanced after they utilized this item.


  • Latex-free
  • Comfortable
  • pull-on fit


  • May not counteract spills as publicized

2. ConfiDry 24/7 Dry Care Max Absorbency Adult Brief Diapers

ConfiDry 24/7 dry care max absorbency adult brief diapers are among the best currently available in the market. This diaper has been voted in favor of having a high retention rate and giving a generally agreeable affair. They are capable of keeping you dry in not less than 12 hours making it possible for you to stay loose and lighthearted. You will never have to stress yourself with spillages nor about the awful smell as these are scent controlled. The diaper accompanies PH balance shielding the terrible smell from emerging.

The diapers have a 3D center receptiveness framework that can devour up to 2-3 liters abandoning you with an unwinding night’s rest. Not at all like different diapers, you won’t get yourself a casualty of skin rashes and will have the capacity to complete exercises openly as these are consoling.

Most of the people who have utilized these grown-up diapers have marked them an absolute necessity has for substantial wetters. They have expressed that the diapers have a decent retention rate and are particularly appropriate for use during the evening. They have said that the diapers can keep you dry for various hours which make them a valuable thing to purchase.


  • Front and back versatile belts
  • Capable of Prevents scraping, bruises, and rashes
  • Reliable whole control framework
  • Comfortable, throughout the night cozy fit


  • Tabs not as secure as promoted

3. Prevail Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Underwear

The Prevail maximum absorbency incontinence underwear stands out amongst the best overnight diapers for tummy sleepers. This diaper is known to provide agreeable and watchful assurance for babies suffering from urinary or fecal problems. This diaper contains Vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile, alongside breathable zones to keep your skin sound and without rash and it is accessible in sizes little to 2X-substantial.


  • It is Gentle on skin
  • It features versatile that shapes to your body for more prominent solace and insurance
  • It is suitable for those with direct to overwhelming spillage


  • Sizing outline may not be absolutely exact

4. Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women

The Depend FIT-FLEX incontinence underwear for women diapers is mean for the dynamic lady. This diaper includes a texture like a belt so you can take part in your most loved exercises without stressing over scents, holes, or be abrading. The texture is lightweight and unbiased in shading, and the briefs send in tactful, plain bundling.


  • It is Flexible and agreeable
  • Good spillage insurance around the legs
  • Wicks dampness far from the skin


  • May not suit those requiring elevated amounts of time under diapers.

5. Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men

The Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men is considered to be among the best overnight diapers for adults formed like clothing that is planned particularly for use by grown-up men. This product from Depend Fit-Flex offers the most extreme retention rate to incontinence and offers grown-up men the required assurance. It can be worn day and night and won’t bring about any unsettling influences.

It is accessible in medium, little and adaptable fit choice this clothing is made utilizing texture that is ensured to give comfort. With this clothing on you can enjoy your day by day exercises without worrying about any awful scents or spillages. It is ideal for use by the individuals who have serious entrail conditions; this clothing will ensure you remain agreeable and dry.

Client surveys with respect to the item express that it is a successful overnight diaper for grown-ups that works exceptionally well. It is among the best items accessible in the market for an unwinding knowledge and for those with wetting issues.

General client surveys have talked about the solace and straightforwardness gave by the thing which enables them to complete exercises without running over any uneasiness.


  • Maximum retentiveness
  • Comfortable and adaptable, multi-estimate fit


  • Sizing runs little

Best Overnight Diapers for Tummy Sleepers

1. Pampers Baby-Dry Disposable Diapers

Pampers are known to offer another alternative for the people who don’t are not interested with the other diapers. These are one of Pampers most spongy diapers yet! They can make extra receptiveness through having three additional retail channels, rather than the consistent 2 layers of general diapers.

Pampers Baby-Dry Disposable Diapers keep the delicate material that is known about Pampers. What’s more, the diapers are sufficiently stretchy to fit the serenely, yet stay sufficiently tight to forestall spills. These diapers have some comparative features with the Swaddlers diapers. One of these features is the wetness marker that to enable you to know when your youngster should be changed. These diapers are offered in sizes Newborn-6.


  • These diapers have three distinct channels to divert dampness from your kid's skin and assimilate it.
  • These diapers have a wetness marker to enable you to know when the time has come to change.


  • The more up to date forms of the baby dry are more slender and have not held fluids.
  • Like the Swaddlers, Baby Dry is a standout amongst the most costly dispensable diaper choices.

2. LBB Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

In case you are searching for an economical pocket diaper, at that point you might need to consider the LBB reusable baby cloth pocket diapers. With three lines of snaps, you can change this fabric diaper from birth to baby in a snap. The midsection tabs cover for the additional little abdomen, for example, babies. This diaper has a breathable TPU waterproof outside. These fabric diapers arrive in a variety of hues and plans. The LBB material diaper is sparing.

The inward is a calfskin fabric that wicks dampness far from your child’s skin. With this softened cowhide material, there is no pilling. It is a three-layer microfiber that is additional spongy.


  • It has a three-layer microfiber that is additional retentive.
  • These material diapers arrive in a variety of hues and plans.
  • This diaper has a breathable TPU waterproof outside.
  • With three lines of snaps, you can modify this fabric diaper from birth to baby in a snap.
  • The inward is a softened cowhide material that wicks dampness far from your baby's skin.
  • With this softened cowhide material, there is no pilling.


  • The fit around the legs/thighs are off.
  • These are not as retentive as different diapers and still whole.

3. Huggies Little Movers Diapers

Do you have a baby who likes crawling, rolling or dancing? You will need to get a diaper that is capable of staying in the right place during such activities. The huggies little movers diapers were made to do that.

This diaper was specifically made to help in covering all the opening even when your baby is moving. Leg opening do have a wider strip around them to help prevent any leaks. Its top better gripping strips that will ensure everything are kept inside. This diaper is capable of standing up well to any baby activities.

It is important to mention that there are little leaks which could take place overnight when using the huggies little movers diapers. This diaper is very absorbent when using during the day and it is capable of being used as an overnight diaper. You can try using the plus version of the same brand in case this is an issue to you.

Are you interested in a diaper that can keep up with all your baby activities without experiencing any leakage? Then the huggies little movers diapers is a high quality diaper and affordable which you need to consider.


  • There is no skin chafing
  • It always stays in place
  • It is absorbent


  • It is not great for any sensitive skin
  • There is overnight leakage due to its smaller size.

4. Eco Friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers by Andy Pandy

The Eco-Friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers are a family claimed business of moms who have attempted to concoct the most naturally neighborly choice for diapers. These diapers utilize bamboo, as it is one of the friendlier materials for the earth.

Bamboo is sustainable and eco-accommodating. Bamboo is likewise ready to develop at a quicker rate of speed than some different assets, without the utilization of any kind of synthetic concoctions or pesticides. It implies, your youngster’s diaper from the beginning to now be free of synthetic substances including Chlorine, Phthalates, Latex, PVC, TBT, liquor, additives, and cancer prevention agents.

They’ve removed synthetics and aromas, so you can know precisely what is against your kid’s skin. The measuring diagram is somewhat unique in relation to different diapers, as they offer their sizes in baby to additional substantial.

For extra solace, the whole diaper is intended to help manage your youngster’s temperature in both sweltering and chilly climate. The back of the diaper is totally made out of bamboo fiber, which is the thing that permits your youngster’s skin the capacity to breathe and self-manage its temperature.


  • They have a wet marker to enable you to know when to change your tyke.
  • There are no brutal synthetics, colors, or scents.
  • These diapers are naturally well disposed of.


  • They are delicate.
  • The shape is a clumsy square shape, that doesn't form to your kid's body too.
  • The diapers aren't as retentive as different brands.

5. Cuties Baby Diapers

These cuties baby diapers are known to offer high caliber, phenomenal esteem and predominant insurance for the needs of your kids diapering. The cuties baby diapers join execution; outline, development and fit into each baby diaper for most extreme break security.

These diapers are made with the best in class advances and an ultra permeable center for spillage insurance and movable grasp tabs for a more agreeable fit. They contain delicate cotton materials that encompass the baby in comfort and the hypoallergenic liner conveys vitamin E, aloe and chamomile botanicals to help relieve and ensure your child’s skin.


  • Chlorine Free
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Ultra Absorbent Core
  • Durable & Hypoallergenic
  • Affordable
  • Easy Lock Fastener Tabs
  • Inner Leg Cuffs


  • Leaks at night
  • Absorption is lacking


Choosing what number of diapers you should purchase relies upon the age of your child and how regularly you need to wash the diapers. Babies will experience up to 10-12 diapers every day, as your child gets more established she will experience fewer diapers. This is what we recommend to begin.

There is no best material diaper, just diapers that are more qualified to various ways of life to take in more about the distinctive kinds of fabric diapers.

On the off chance that a diaper is relied upon to be worn for any longer timeframe, (for example, around evening time) including supporter/doublers might be expected to invest more than expected.

  • 2 Cups of already bubbled water
  • 1 Tbsp of child cleanser or baby wash
  • 1 tsp of cooking oil or child oil (we lean toward cooking oil, for example, canola or olive oil)
  • 1 Tbsp Vinegar (against parasitic)


Overnight  diapers help to keep your kid dry and agreeable as he dozes and consequently guaranteeing that he gets the imperative rest that he needs. With the numerous sorts and brands available picking the best overnight diapers reviews isn’t generally simple. Be that as it may, the five focuses above will settle on the diaper decision less demanding for you, however some of the time it may be important to attempt a couple of brands before you find what works best for your kid.

Presently you have to consider the parts of picking the best overnight diapers reviews and test till you get the correct one. You can think about different guardians’ proposal. Be that as it may, it may not work for your child as well.

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