Benefits of Clove Oil for Teeth & Gums

Benefits of Clove Oil for Teeth & GumsClove has forever been a top home remedy for treating toothache. People across cultures use it to relieve the pain and freshen their breath. Most of us know how clove oil is effective against common dental problems as thus we rely on it for oral care. We also see how toothpastes and mouthwashes from top brands claim to use clove as a key ingredient to woo customers. For that reason, this tiny yet powerful smile, known for its distinct smell and flavor, should be part of your home oral care kit. You can consult a top dentist Greenpoint to know how clove is beneficial for your dental health. Here are some of major benefits of clove oil for teeth and gums –  

Numb Tooth Pain

People use clove oil for centuries to sooth tooth aches and get respite. Even dentists and oral care experts advise using the oil to relieve the sensation of pain and get comfort. You can trust its ability to numb the pain of any type, even the most intense variety as well. A few drops would do the magic for your toothache. 

Whenever you have an aching tooth, you can use a small plop of clove oil and coconut oil to get rid of the pain almost instantly. You can use a whole clove or chew it raw when there is pain. And even if the use of clove does not bring held, consult the dentist for treatment.

Treat Mouth Ulcers

Not all mouth ulcers are deadly. Some of them are entirely preventable and they even don’t cause much harm. In some cases, even gastric problems are the reason behind these oral ulcers. And if not treated timely, they can cause a lot of pain in the mouth. You can trust the herbal and natural properties of clove oil to come effective against mouth ulcers. 

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of clove are great for oral health. They can skill all the germs and infections that develop in the mouth due to ulcer-induced open wound. You just have to mix a little bit of the oil with warm water and gargle the mouth twice a day. This will remove all the ulcers. 

Keep Gums Healthy

Clove oil is perhaps the best home remedy when it comes to treating a variety of dental problems. They are not only good for the teeth but also for your gums as well. You can trust the anti-bacteria properties of clove to remove germs, bacteria and infections to your gums. You can apply a couple of drops of the oil on the gums and get relief from pain and swelling if any.

The oil is also great for teething babies where the emergency of new teeth might bring some pain. You can then apply a mixture of water and clove oil on the baby’s gum and deliver relief. If the pain or problem persists, it’s always better to consult the dentist and seek professional advice. 

Fight Cavities

Clove is nothing less than a panacea when it comes to treating dental problems. It’s trusted by a lot of people for fighting cavities as well. Needless to say, the oil has properties that can cure cavities and help maintain healthy teeth and gums to anyone.  After all, it can fight bacteria and germs responsible for eroding the enamel which is how cavities are formed in the first place. 

If you have cavities and want a home remedy, take a cotton ball and dip it the clove oil and then apply on the affected area before going to sleep. Do this for a few days and you will see the difference. The cavity will go away sooner than you expect. 

Freshen Mouth

If you have bad breath problem, you can rely on clove oil to freshen your breath and gain confidence. Even oral experts advise this oil due to its anti-bacterial properties. The distinct smell and flavour of the oil can work wonders in giving the breath the freshness it deserves. You can prepare a mixture of clove oil, peppermint oil and stevia extracts and use it as a spray to freshen the breath as and when needed.  Even if the problem persists, consult dentist Greenpoint for treatment. 

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