5 Best Home Maintenance Tips for a Trouble-Free Home

5 Best Home Maintenance Tipsfor a Trouble-Free HomeWhen we hear the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, we often neglect it in the matter of home maintenance. However, it is equally important here as it is in other aspects like health.

Owing your home is a beautiful charm, but a lot of responsibility comes with this charm. Ownership demands extensive time and labor for the proper maintenance of the property.

Maintenance of a home is not confined to only repairs. In fact, few tasks if performed on regular basis contractually prevent things from causing severe problems.

Why Home Maintenance is Necessary?

Home maintenance is important for several important reasons listed below

  • Home maintenance requires some money, hard work and your time, but it will save your much more amount and time in the long term. One dollar spent on maintenance will save your hundred dollars expense on repairs.
  • It maintains the efficiency of your home.
  • Regular maintenance of home keeps it in good condition.
  • Regular home maintenance increases the worth of property.
  • Home warranties or insurances only do not cover repairs or loses because of your negligence. You can only claim home warranties when you have tried enough to maintain it.

Here we have compiled a few maintenance tips which will increase the life span of your home appliances and systems and make it trouble-free.

1. Create a Maintenance Calendar

Set a maintenance schedule covering every maintenance task of the home. Allocate specific time like weekends for inspection and maintenance of some tasks every month. List down details of all tasks in a paper or online. Some tasks need to be done more often such as monthly or bi-monthly while some may need to be performed bi-annually or annually.

Setting a maintenance schedule will help you tackle every maintenance task at its time and you will not miss any essential maintenance. Moreover, this will help you tackle the problems before going worst.

2. Get Your Heating and Cooling Systems Properly Checked

Once you have created a maintenance schedule calendar, give priority to heating and cooling systems of your home. In most cases, service of your HVAC system should be done twice a year for proper functioning.

The most suitable time for HVAC service is fall and spring seasons, so that it can work at its best when it is most used in winter and summer seasons.

If you are not enough skilled, it is suggested to approach a professional electrician for HVAC servicing. Ask your electrician to properly check the ventilation and cooling system and replace the filter of your HVAC every year.

3. Maintain Your Roof

The roof is a strong and essential part of your home. It is mostly neglected part in term of maintenance. However, like all other parts of the home, your roof also needs to be inspected annually by professional roofing contractors. A professional roofer identifies the damages or cracks in the roof and repairs them before going worst. To maintain the roof in extreme weather you need to prepare your roof for seasonal changes before season begins.

This annual roofing inspection will help you maintain your roof and increase its life span. Moreover, it will save your money in the long run.

4. Keep Away Pests

Pests are a serious threat to the property as they can seriously damage the inside and underground of your home. To get your property maintained, always set time to check for pests throughout the year.

Pests such as termites can create severe structural damage to your property which can need a huge amount to repair. Termites cannot tolerate sunlight, so most probably you will find them in the areas where there is less light such as a basement. You can consult a professional pest inspector for a thorough inspection and removal of pests, in case if you do not have the time or enough skills.

5. Take Care of Your Windows

Take care of your windows properly. Windows are a great source of natural light and ventilation in the house,especially in the basement. However, if they are not checked properly there can be any damage which can cause serious problems afterward.

Inspect your windows thoroughly every season to rectify any issue at the time. if the rubber seal in the windows is worn out, instantly get it replaced. This rubber sealing maintains the suitable temperature in the room if it is leaked it can increase the energy consumption of the home causing high energy bills.

6. Regularly Replace the Batteries of Detectors

Change the power batteries of both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at least twice a year. Do not just depends on the automatic beep of detectors to change the battery. After installing new battery make it sure that battery is working fine and it’s not faulty.

7. Clean Out Outdoor

Clean out thoroughly outdoor of your home including deck and driveway. Power wash every feature of outdoor. While washing it keep an eye on damages. If you found any damage in the deck or patio, repair it instantly to prevent it from getting worst.

Power washing your deck and patios do not only make it looks new but also highlight the damages which need to be repaired.

8. Clean the Gutters of Your Home

Cleaning the gutter is a task disliked by everyone, but cleaning it regularly saves your money on replacing it. Moreover, clogged gutter for a long time not only open up the expense of its replacement, but it also damages roof when it overflows.

Gutters should be clean every year once a quarter to prevent rusting and clogging. It is a messy task, but if done on regular basis it can be easier. Clean the leaves, twigs, broken branches or sediments from inside the gutter for its proper flow.

These are a few basic home maintenance tips to keep your home in an ideal trouble-free place for yourself. There are many more maintenance areas which need to properly look after. It is suggested to request expert home improvement contractors for regular inspection of your home to highlight the areas which need repair or maintenance.

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