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Clean kitchen tips: How to keep your kitchen clean and healthy

Clean kitchen tipsOne last thing anyone would wish his or her family to encounter is falling sick just because of kitchen germs. This can include things such as diarrhea, fever and vomiting. The difficult thing when it comes to clean kitchen tips is that we are not in a position to see most of the germs that are growing on our food. There are some which do not even change food texture or color. To ensure good health, it is advisable that the food we take is prepared in a bacteria safe place. We will not just keep our kitchen clean and have a great look but we will also help it improve the health of the family members and friends. Below are some important clean kitchen tips on how one can keep their kitchen healthy.

Start Fresh and Clean

It is a time saver to start with a clean kitchen. In case you already have spills on the counter and the dishes piled on the sink, you will never be in the mood to prepare a fresh and clean meal. It is important that you always spare some of our time to deep clean your kitchen during the day. This will ensure that you do not do the cleaning every time you are about to prepare a meal.

Choosing the Right Spot

Do you know the best place you can cook? Is there any chance that you have an island inside your kitchen? In case you have unobstructed counter space to ensure everything is prepared before you turn it around and dump it in a pan. It can also make some sense to dice and slice next to the sink hence, you can always clean the fresh produce as you continue. Select the correct spot to ensure that you do not run around more. Never prepare half of the meal on one side of your kitchen. Making preparation next to your place of work will also help in cutting down on the spills that you will have to clean later on.

Always Prepare ahead of time

In case you are in a position to fix any part of your meal before time, it is highly recommended that you do it! Ensure you bake bread in the morning when you are packing your lunch or the dice vegetables when the kids are taking their snacks. I prefer that you use a slow cooker to help you in making your meat extra tender when you are busy working.

Try Frozen, Canned and Dry Ingredients

Anyone wants the best ingredients for their family. However, that is not possible or easily affordable. Never be afraid of trying frozen, canned or dry ingredients. This also helps in cutting down your preparation time. It is much easier to use frozen chopped spinach than to wash fresh leaves and cutting them up all by yourself. It is also important that you make use of a mixture of dry spices instead of deciding to mix all the spices together. The meal will taste good and you will never be exhausted to enjoy it.

Use Fewer Utensils and Dishes

It is important that you always plan ahead to help you use fewer utensils and dishes. This means that you will always have lesser utensils to wash. In case you are using a cutting board to cut onions, always rinse it first together with the knife that you will use again to cut the chicken when the onions are simmering. In case you are preparing similar types of ingredients, it is always important that you see if you can mix them together in the same bowl without having to wash them in between.

Always collect the trash as you go

Whenever you take something out of the package, always go ahead and place it on the trash can or the recycle bin. It will be much easier than when you try to run around collecting trash after the meal and this will make your cooking space to appear bigger and less cluttered. Throwing trash as you go will help in cutting down on spills as some of the packaging or ingredients might start oozing.

Clean the Spills Immediately

Never allow the spills to sit! They will get stinky and sticky and before you are aware, you will have put a clean bowl on top of all the mess. Always wipe any spill immediately it happens so you will not have to deal with larger mess later on.

Use the Rags

Using the rags to help in cleaning the surfaces and spills will be of great help. It will help in cutting down on the trash since you will just be using one rag and rinse it whenever you are done with cleaning instead of having to tear off the paper towel and throwing them away just after a single wipe.


When one thing is simmering on your natural kitchen stove, you can decide to jump on the cleanup process. You can achieve this by starting to wash some of the dishes you are already done with hence you do not have to do the cleaning later on. Ensure that you are always busy with either preparing for the next procedure or that you are cleaning so that you don’t have to do it later on.

Sanitizing the Sponges

In most cases, the sponges never dry out when they are being used and this tends to be a major problem since the moisture in it will help the harmful bacteria to quickly multiply. It is therefore necessary that you clean and sanitize sponges to help in preventing such a thing from happening. In order to correctly sanitize the sponges, it is advisable that you use a solution of approximately ¼ or ½ teaspoon of bleach. Soak the sponge for one minute and you will be fine.

In case the bleach is not available, you can then decide to use your microwave to help in sanitizing your sponges expect for the sponges that use metallic scrub pads which should never be sanitized whenever you are using the microwave. Ensure you completely wet the sponge before placing it inside the microwave for approximately one minute.


Healthy kitchen is considered to be a very important room in any house since it is where all the meals are prepared. Ensure that your kitchen is always well organized to make it easier for you to prepare healthy and clean meals.